"The Most Delicate of Storms"

July 17, 2017


Muse: Nadja Stephanie Jensen
Assistant: Tenna Vinther Olesen
Photographer/Costume: Sabrina Nielsen




Almost a year after creating this costume, I finally had the opportunity to shoot it and bring into reality the image I've had in my mind for much longer.


I have mentioned a few times before how I absolutely love Kirsty Mitchell's work. I'm so in love with the Wonderland book and I really wanted to use it in one of my own photos. So I this idea to create a fairy character that is kind of a guardian of the book in my own world - and show how life and magic emanate from this beautiful book. 


The costume is inspired by vintage ballet dress. It's all silk and I had to hand dye the skirt to the lavender colour. I love this dress, it's so "me", haha.


There's video of the shoot here: 






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