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Thistleheart and Dark Bloom
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Thistleheart & Dark Bloom

Bound to the dark, longing for the light

From the Garden of the Elves, Dark Bloom emerges, filled with a hunger for innocent souls, she disguises herself as a flower nymph to hunt her prey. She spots the beautiful nymph, Thistleheart, in an idyllic field and a dance begins. Dark Bloom tricks Thistleheart to give away her soul. An empty shell, Thistleheart stumbles away and eventually makes her way to the Garden of Elves; her new home., and starts her descent into the madness of eternal hunger.


This tale was shot in August 2017 and May 2018. Another installment featuring Dark Bloom is planned for 2020.

Thistleheart is portrayed by Ariellah E. S.

Dark Bloom is portrayed by Nadja S. J.