December 24, 2017

Hi guys.

Today I want to show you three photo books that I had made at Saal Digital. The first one, that you see in the video, is one I had made in exchange for an honest review. The second two I purchased after receiving the first one, because I was so impressed with i...

December 3, 2017

Model: Nadja S. Jensen
Headpiece: Plussoyance Créations
Assistant: Tenna Vinther Olesen
Photographer/Dress: Sabrina Nielsen

December 3, 2017

Model: Nadja S. Jensen
Crown: Plussoyance Créations

Photographer/Designer: Sabrina Nielsen

December 3, 2017

Model: Nadja S. Jensen
Photographer/Designer: Sabrina Nielsen 

October 8, 2017

Model: Maria Amanda
Assistants: Tenna V. Olesen & Nadja. S. Jensen
Photography/Designer: Sabrina Nielsen

 ""The First Light at Sea" Was Her Name"

In the otherworldly realm, the elves give life to the flowers and the fruit, that lure souls away from humans. The Elven Quee...

October 7, 2017

Model: Nadja S. Jensen
Photographer/Styling: Sabrina Nielsen

Earlier this year, when I was feeling the need to shoot something a little outside of my usual style, Nadja and I put together this little shoot. It rained the whole time, so we ditched our original idea of go...

September 20, 2017

Model: Ariellah Engel Salimanov

Assistants: Nadja Stephanie Jensen & Tenna Vinther Olesen
Photographer/Costume: Sabrina Nielsen

I simply had to shoot this dress one more time! This time with the amazing Ariellah. 

Joined by our wonderful assistants, Tenna and Nadja, the f...