Costume gallery

A catalogue of some of the costumes that I've created through the years. Not shown chronologically.

Princess of the Night
Princess of the Night
Fairy dress
Ocean goddess
The Moon Queen
Water nymphs
Mermaid tops and crowns
Mermaids on land
Water nymphs
Elven queen
Elven flower queen
Ballerina fae
Pale queen
Dark ballerina
Purple fae and wings
Sequin fae and wings
Antlers and gown
Dress and collar
Thistle dress
Flower bodice and skirt
Dark Bloom Dress and headpiece
Autumnal nymph dress and cape
Mermaid tail and top
Sequin mermaid
Lace dress and blue cape
Mermaid tail
Mermaid bustier
Pale Mermaid on land
Rose Gown
Black Ice bodice and skirt
Swan ballerina
Dark Fae Silver Dress
Dark Fae collar and overskirt
Gold Dress & Butterflies
Bloody Bride
Flower Gown
Starlight Gown
Blue Cape
Pink Fairy
Unseelie Gown
Berry Heart Armor
Sun Armor
Mermaid Fairy Gown
Winter Princess Dress
Dark Fae Gown